fredag 28 mars 2014

Update on Re: Hardware - Hardware - Hardware

I sat down with Santa and had a discussion about what to do with the hardware and if we should invest in a new Raid Card, and after a quick glance on the blogpost to see the performance numbers we looked at each other and nodded intensely. So after asking Santas Wife for OK to order we did, and it is here!

It's been installed in the server and I was exited when I started up the server for the first time with the new card installed. But after running the CrystalMark program I felt my heart drop, take a look at these numbers!

These are the numbers, and just look at them! 49MB/s compared to 31MB/s with the PERC H310 card. So after thinking for a few minutes I realized that I might have to configure something. Said and done I installed the Server Administrator software from Dell in order to reconfigure the write settings.

After changing the setting I did another test with CrystalMark and here are the results!

That is some improvement! Time to work some more!

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