torsdag 20 mars 2014

Hardware - Hardware - Hardware

Even though that everyone is talking about the fluffy cloud and how easy everything is, one thing that you can't overlook is the hardware everything run the virtual machines.

If you are a SmB (Small and Medium Business) you can't overlook the fact that you need some proper hardware and that might cost a penny or two.

I'm currently working on migrating the current DPM solution to a virtualized environment and this is how I noticed that you must have proper hardware!

The Hyper-V server is a Dell PowerEdge R520 with 16GB RAM/22TB Storage and on this server the RAID card is a PERC H310 and this is not enough!

After finished the DPM server installation and starting the initial backups the performance monitor shows 35MB/s Disk I/O and with 100% Highest Activity Time.

It works but it's daaamn slow!

The only solution is to upgrade the Perc H310s to the more powerfull Perc H710s and enable the write back.


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