tisdag 11 mars 2014

Education - Learning a lot!

I'm in Stockholm and attending a course in DPM that is held by LabCenter and Robert Hedblom.
My first impression was that "How much can one learn about backup?" and boy, was I wrong! Apparently you can't learn anything about backup since everything is about Restore!

And I was introduced to new terms such as RLO, RTO and RPO and up to this day I did not have any names or terms to explain what I knew was main factors for working with backup.

Recovery point objective (RPO) is used to determine the maximum amount of time between the Last available backup and potential failure point. Recovery point objective (RPO) helps in determining the amount of data that the business can manage to Lose in the event of a failure.

Recovery time objective (RTO) is used to determine the maximum time a data recovery process will take. It is defined by the amount of time the business can afford for the site or service to be unavailable.

Recovery Level objective (RLO) is the objective that defines the granularity with which you must be able to recover data — whether you must be able to recover the whole farm, Web application, site collection, site, list or library, or item.

All this is from Technet - Plan for backup and recovery (SharePoint Foundation 2010)

Besides all this I learned that it is OK to virtualize the DPM server, so I have to head back to Santas Workshop and redo the installation of DPM 2012 R2.

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