lördag 19 juli 2014

Long time passes..

.. between the blog posts at the moment.

There has been a huge change in my life. I moved in with my girlfriend into her house and I have become a step-dad in the bargain.

And I was not prepared with the changes that came with owning a house and being a step-dad.
Firstly, there are a bazillion things that needs fixing in the house. And so far we have finished one room (almost, we are missing some IKEA furniture). After that we have the living room, kitchen and then the rest of the 6 rooms.

And being a step-dad is a tough job, since I don't really know how harsh I can be when it comes to the discipline. But' its a learning process and I suspect I will never be fully educated.

On the work front it has been like entering a 90's film, it looks good on the surface but when you start to scratch it you find a lot of faults.

There are 20+ domains, 1000+ servers and everything is running on old hardware. And when it comes to the software I can count all the servers on one hand that runs a operating system newer then 2008 R2.

They didn't even have a deployment solution for the servers, they did everything manually with CD's!

We even have a few NT domains!

After the vacation I have a tonne of things to fix and I don't even know where to start!
I suspect that the first task will be to migrate the old NT domains,

And I have a tough battle when it comes to trying to convince the bosses that we should migrate from VMWare to Hyper-V.

On the home-network front I have just now finished the physical installation of all the servers.  And I have been living here since the beginning of April!

I will do my best to update the blog, but at the moment I am happy of I get some time in front of the computer.

Over and out!

tisdag 3 juni 2014


Ok, I've just finished the second day at a big company that supplies equipment to the pharmaceutical industry and the first two days has been filled with introductions to the various systems that this company has.

And prior to getting started at work I have been focused on getting my stuff sorted out. I can say that it's still a few boxes unpacked but atleast my main computer is up and running. :)

I noted that HP has released a new version (1.1) of thier Powershell tools for iLO management for the Proliant servers. You can grab it over by HP with this link http://hp.com/go/powershell

On a different subject, I was sitting by the desk at the office when my boss came over and said "Hey, Joseph, Could you install a server.. We got a CD somewhere that you can use"..
When he said that  you could hear my jaw drop. I instantly said that "I will never ever install a server using a CD or almost never use a USB" so I started implemeting a MDT envirorment. So I got my work cut out for me for the next week or so.

Over and out!

onsdag 28 maj 2014

Big changes in my life

At this moment I've taken everything I own and moved it 1530km south from Santa down to a small town called Getinge.

Here I've entered a domestic relationship with a beautiful girl so this means that I'm not currently in sync with anything!

torsdag 22 maj 2014

Implementing a new DPM solution in Santas new workshop, and instantly ending up in problems!

Here I am wrapping scripts in all joy when I stumble upon a few DPM errors in a new envirorment, and instantly I thought "Wait? What, an error already? But I haven't done anything yet!"

Here is the error(s) I received:
DPM cannot create a backup because Windows Server Backup (WSB) on the protected computer encountered an error (WSB Event ID: 521, WSB Error Code:  0x17663A0). (ID 30229 Details: Internal error code: 0x80990ED0)

DPM cannot create a backup because Windows Server Backup (WSB) on the protected computer encountered an error (WSB Event ID: 546, WSB Error Code:  0xD317E0). (ID 30229 Details: Internal error code: 0x80990ED0)

From those error messages I can understand DPM, Cannot, .. you get the point.

After some reasearching it seems that this is cuases by the recovery volume being too small. You know that recovery volume that's supposed to be 350MB in Windows Server 2012 R2? It seems that it's only 300MB and that is too small for DPM and a BareMetal Restore backup option.

So, dig out your command prompt and assign a new location for the shadowstorage for the recovery volume by first listing where you have the recovery volume with vssadmin list volumes that will give you a something like this:

Volume path: C:\
    Volume name: \\?\Volume{7815fed2-f917-44b3-b3af-f9bb2bdb86fa}\
Volume path: N:\
    Volume name: \\?\Volume{9e3e1356-d856-11e3-80b7-00155d016606}\
Volume path: F:\
    Volume name: \\?\Volume{9e3e135a-d856-11e3-80b7-00155d016606}\
Volume path: \\?\Volume{d02c7a79-db9b-4a55-99df-f697a3dc2b6c}\
    Volume name: \\?\Volume{d02c7a79-db9b-4a55-99df-f697a3dc2b6c}\

After that, either shrink an existing volume or add some more space, where doesnt matter as long as you can spare it. 

Then execute the command vssadmin add shadowstorage /for:<the volume path for the only volume with no drive letter, i.e \\?\Volume{d02c7a79-db9b-4a55-99df-f697a3dc2b6c}\> /on=S: /maxsize=900MB (You can pick from a range from bytes to Exabytes or UNBOUNDED)

If you get an error message saying Error: The specified shadow copy storage association already exists. Then you have to delete the existing association before readding a new one.

Hope this helped anyone! Besides me that is!
Have a great day out there!

onsdag 14 maj 2014

Inventory done with Powershell

I was sitting in my corner of the workshop minding my own business when I got the question "Hey Joseph, can you find out where the XXX account is used in the domain?"

Without hessitation I answer "Of course I can! And it wont take long!"
I was all joy and happiness beacuse I knew that I could do all the inventory from Powershell but I had no clue on how to do it programmatically but after a quick search on the internet I found what I needed.

Since Santas Workshop has a few SQL servers I wanted to search through them as well just to make sure that the account was not used within SQL and I stumble across a superb too called SQL PowerDoc and it's written by Kendal VanDyke.

That took care of the SQL Servers, but how about all services and if there are any Task Sequences using this XXX account?

Then I found this great script called Get-RunAsAccount.ps1 from Jan Egil Ring's blog that pointed me in the right direction. This little nifty script finds pretty much all that I was interested in.

In all it took me just a few (2-3) hours to do an inventory of all the servers out there in the Santas Workshop and it's all done with Powershell.

I have a colleauge that's not that much into Powershell (He's stuck in the VB world) and he was in awe over how easy it is to work with powershell.

Ok, so I'll head back to the cellar and continue to build the cloud solution for Santa so he finally can get migrated from the competitors onto Hyper-V


tisdag 13 maj 2014

TechEd and Powershell

I was working and watching the live stream over at channel9.msdn.com when Jeffry Snover and Don Jones was presenting Powershell and how they use it. What struck me was that they used it in (almost) the same way that I do! Searching commands using Get-Command, Show-Object and so on. And something that struck me was how much they were using get-help, and that is somewhat of a ego-boost for a rookie powershell'er as myself!

One of the news that was presented yesterday was Powershell.Get - a way of easily searching and installing modules from a invite-only repoistory. This is something that I look forward to. They mentioned as well about the new package called oneget where you easily can add program such as Putty by just type Install-Package putty and powershell runs out on the internet and downloads and installs the package for you.

The fature, oneget, requires Windows Management Framework 5.0 which still is in Preview version.

Well, I'll better focus on building a cloud for Santa and his workshop before I escape from the artic regions!

måndag 12 maj 2014

Watch MSTechED live

Oh, I failed to mention that you can watch Tech ED live over at channel9.msdn.com/ so head over there and enjoy the new announcements from Microsoft!