tisdag 21 oktober 2014


We are opening a new branch office in Poland soon and we were looking for some hardware that would be fitting for a branch office. We are going to support somewhere around 200-250 users. And the servers that we are going to have in this office includes SCCM, AD and a general fileserver to start with. I hope I don't have to mention a backup solution? I hope it goes without saying?

I found a really cool looking solution in Dell VRTX.  It is a chassie with storage, networking and room for four blades.

Here you see what we got, it consists of three Dell M520 blades and 16 600Gb SAS disks.

So far it looks really good. It has a Chassis Management Controller for the blades, network and for the storage. Aswell individual management for the storage, network and the iDrac.

The soundlevel is on a OK level during idle load, I have not tested it during full load yet.

Over and out!

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