tisdag 13 maj 2014

TechEd and Powershell

I was working and watching the live stream over at channel9.msdn.com when Jeffry Snover and Don Jones was presenting Powershell and how they use it. What struck me was that they used it in (almost) the same way that I do! Searching commands using Get-Command, Show-Object and so on. And something that struck me was how much they were using get-help, and that is somewhat of a ego-boost for a rookie powershell'er as myself!

One of the news that was presented yesterday was Powershell.Get - a way of easily searching and installing modules from a invite-only repoistory. This is something that I look forward to. They mentioned as well about the new package called oneget where you easily can add program such as Putty by just type Install-Package putty and powershell runs out on the internet and downloads and installs the package for you.

The fature, oneget, requires Windows Management Framework 5.0 which still is in Preview version.

Well, I'll better focus on building a cloud for Santa and his workshop before I escape from the artic regions!

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